Monday, October 31, 2011

Presenter and former BBC bard Charlie Ottley is the face of UK’s Travel Channel show Flavours Of..., now in its seventh season. Ottley has travelled extensively, writing and presenting series on the UK, Spain, Peru, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Scotland and Greece.

"Charlie indulges in a truly comprehensive investigation of the Flavours of Greece. Alongside fantastic wine and food, Charlie tries to pack in as much adventure as possible: from a visit to the Acropolis Museum or a search for Zeus in a trek up near Mt Olympus, to sponge-diving in Kalymnos island.

Whilst rounding off his trip with some carnival celebrations in Patras and a relaxing sail around the Ionian Islands, Charlie reflects on some fantastic memories as well as a few extra pounds he has gained as a result of feta over-indulgence." The journey begins from Crete, and the first episode is broadcast today.

Flavours of Greece: Watch the Video [VIDEO]