Tuesday, June 24, 2014
  • The Greeks of Cairo
The photo exhibition "The Greeks of Cairo" by Paul Kozalidis and Athena Casole is being at the Museum of Modern Art Mahmoud Mukhtar until June 25.

The exhibition is the main event of the Greek-Egyptian Summer Cultural Week and is an initiative by the Greek Consulate in Cairo in cooperation with the Benaki Museum and the Greek Cultural Center based in Cairo.

Hitherto, the Greek Diaspora in Egypt has been mainly associated with the Greeks of Alexandria. What is unique about this exhibition is that it sheds light to the significant, however, less known Greek community of Cairo and the fact that it depicts aspects of their everyday life.

The Greeks of Cairo, held a heartwarming reception to the photographers, said Ms Casole, speaking to the Athens News Agency. "They opened up to us, they welcomed us to their homes, they showed us trust and  great hospitality". She also added that the “prize” for  them was seeing  the members of the Greek community satisfied with the exhibition. Once completed the project will be also exhibited at the Benaki Museum in Greece.

  • Greeks of the Sea
A documentary series titled “Greeks of the Sea” (video) will air on the Australian public channel SBS ONE next month.The Greek-Australian production team has visited more than 25 Greek islands and will present the life of “the Greek seadogs.”

Fishermen, mariners, ferry captains, yachtsmen, and coast guard officers describe on camera their own personal experiences, their work challenges, and adventures. The series was created by a group of Australians passionate about Greece and will be hosted by Australian-Greek adventurer Nikos Andronicos.