The Thessaloniki Science Festival is taking place on May 14-17 in the city’s international exhibition centre, prompted by the success of the Athens Science Festival (17 - 22.03).

Thessaloniki together with ten more cities around the world, was chosen by Google for the launch of its "Solve for X" project, a pioneer and ambitious endeavour by Google’s X lab, which aims to tackle global problems through science and technology.

The Science Festivals held around Greece act as platforms of innovative ways of communication. Questions like "why do we blink?" or "can you dance math?" help visitors discover science in daily life. Visitors ask questions and receive meaningful answers, conduct experiments, meet scientists, play games, participate in workshops and attend thought-provoking lectures and debates.

The Thessaloniki Science Festival is jointly organised by the Science Communication (SciCo), the British Council and the City of Thessaloniki, together with Helexpo.