A painting exhibition on the picturesque side of Luxembourg (Malerisches) is being held at the city’s Beim Engel Art Gallery. The works are by the Austria-based artist Makis Warlamis, co-director of the International Design Center in Austria (I.DE.A.) and the Waldviertel Art Museum. The exhibition, which was inaugurated in the presence of the Minister of Culture of Luxembourg, aims to highlight the interaction between modern art and the city’s historic heritage. "To me, it is important that Luxembourg, this beautiful piece of land, is transformed into an art space," says Warlamis.

Born in 1942 in Northern Greece, Professor Makis Warlamis is an architect, designer, painter, sculptor and art educator. He taught at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and other European universities. His paintings have been shown in museums all over the world, while he has been the recipient of many honours, including the Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art. The exhibition runs through May 23.