MinoanGroup is a leisure company which operates a number of travel agencies worldwide, as well as a five-star plus quality resort to be built in Crete. The site for the project to be developed is Cavo Sidero in Northeast Crete, a peninsula extending into the Mediterranean with a 28 km coastline, secluded bays, inlets and rolling hills. 

The site will comprise 6,000 acres but only 0.5% of the surface will be built (650 rooms and individual suites), while more than 90% of the site will remain intact so as not to disturb local vegetation. The local area called Itanos has a history of more than 5,000 years and is rich in archeological sites, such as ancient palaces and towns, including the partially submerged ruins of Itanos itself.

The amenities of the resort will include a multitude of land based and water sports, but the resort will become energy and water sufficient for the protection of the local eco-system. It is an investment estimated to cost approximately €250 million.

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