The first autonomous solar power charging station in Greece was recently inaugurated, heralding a new era in the fields of energy and transportation in the country. The facility was built by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences, and it ensures 100% green energy.

The charging station only uses solar power, which is turned into electricity and can charge electric car batteries, representing the first step for electric vehicle owners to no longer have to be reliant on power from the main electricity grid.

An electric car that is almost fully charged can travel between 100-150 kilometers according to Professor Ioannis Kaldelis, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering’s Workshop for Renewable Energy Sources and Environmental Protection, which is responsible for the project.

Most of the electricity in Greece is produced mainly with lignite and also with natural gas, both of which are  imported. “Making the charging station was easy. In a covered area, we installed 3 KW photovoltaic panels, which produce enough energy to charge one car in winter and two in the summer when there’s more sunshine. Drivers can either recharge their vehicles directly at the station or fill their batteries,” says Kaldelis.

While it is still in the experimental stage, it is being used for training and research purposes.

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