• Five Years with Myrtis @Acropolis Musuem
On the occasion of the 5th anniversary since the reconstruction of 11-year-old “Myrtis,” the girl that put a face to distant antiquity, the Acropolis Museum will hold a conference titled “5 years with Myrtis," on May 13. The topics that will be discussed are burial or burning habits, as well as daily life in Athens in the 5th century. Myrtis Following her “resurrection” nearly 2,500 years after she died of typhoid fever – the plague that also struck down statesman Pericles and one third of all Athenians at the time - she was also made a Millenium Friend and her picture is posted on a website supporting the UN Millenium Goals as a message to the world about disease prevention.
  • Panayiotis Tetsis @ Theocharakis Foundation
An exhibition dedicated to the acclaimed Greek painter Panyiotis Tetsis, – who turns 90 this year – opened its doors yesterday at the B. & M. Theocharakis Foundation for Fine Arts and Music. The exhibition “Adoration of the Landscape. Painting 2010-2014” presents the painter’s new work for the first time to the public: the oil paintings of monumental size, and black and white landscapes in diptychs and triptychs drawn with Indian ink. His work reveals the power of his gaze, trained in reading the light and translating it into pure forces of colour.

  • Big Bang Music for a Young Audience @ Onassis Cultural Centre
The Big Bang festival, organized by the Big Bang European network, will be held at the Onassis Cultural Centre on May 9-10. It is an exciting festival of music for a young audience; the young music-lovers will embark on a journey to experience a colourful musical programme featuring concerts, sound installations and workshops. Musicians working in different genres and styles search for the best way to present their music to children.
  • Tales & Sorcery Exhibition @ Myro Gallery
The exhibition Searches: Tales & Sorcery, is inaugurated today (May 7) at the Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki and will run until June 6. The exhibition features the combined works of artists Christina Zygouri and Constantine Menni, with the curator Paris Kapralos. The artists work, is a critical comment, often in surreal mood to the denial of reason in personal perceptions."