As talks between Greece and its European partners have intensified, top Greek government officials are touring Europe, in order to end the impasse.

Vice President Yannis Dragasakis and Alternate Minister for International Economic Relations Euclid Tsakalotos met yesterday (May 5) with European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi in Frankfurt. "We had a constructive discussion, said Dragasakis after the meeting, adding that the Greek delegation considers achieving an agreement “a realistic and visible goal," provided “all institutions act constructively.” The two sides discussed the current situation of the Greek economy and reviewed the progress in negotiations.

Greek Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis visited Paris and Brussels for meetings with French Finance Minister Michel Sapin, French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron and European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Pierre Moscovici.

Following the meeting with Varoufakis, Sapin noted "there is no other solution than an agreement," and that there was good momentum for the conclusion of negotiations, while Varoufakis remarked that the meeting was important so that the positive moves made by the Greek government for an agreement could be laid out. The search for "technical solutions" was the focus of  the second meeting the Greek Finance Minister had in Paris with the French Economy Minister.

After a working lunch with European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Pierre Moscovici, Varoufakis noted he expects the May 11 Eurogroup to discuss the progress made in the negotiations.