A new survey (GEDI index) by the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (GEDI), Washington, D.C., shows that Greeks have great start-up skills.

The GEDI survey examines 14 factors to assess a country's entrepreneurship levels. Greece appears to exhibit both outstanding strengths and notable bottlenecks. The country’s strongest pillar is start-up skills, but this may be partly due to the country’s grey economy, and its small business orientation, as it has few high-growth new businesses. Greece also exhibits reasonable strengths in human capital, technology absorption, and risk capital. On the other hand, it presents major obstacles in opportunity perception, risk acceptance, cultural support. It may well be that this uneven profile has been influenced by the deep recession - Greece's economy is roughly one-quarter smaller than it was in 2008, while bureaucracy constitutes an important hindrance to its entrepreneurial potential.

2015 Global Entrepreneurship Index: Download the full report free with registration (Greece: p. 45 & p. 169)