A couple of events focusing on Greek agricultural products will be held in Athens next weekend (May 8 to 10). Greece, Festival, Flavours, organised by Athinorama Magazine, at the Technopolis features 120 top quality producers from all over the country, who will present their wares for the discerning visitor to taste and buy. The Athens Food Festival [in Greek] is organised by the Association of Young Farmers, at the SEF Stadium. More than 200 small producers will present their certified products.

Visitors will be acquainted with traditional products, often in a creative new form. Cheeses, cured meat, various deserts, roe mushrooms, smoked and marinated fish, herbs, dried and fresh fruit, spices, honey, marmalades, chocolate, coffee, pasta, as well as wines, liqueurs, beers, and much more! Many parallel events will also take place, such as food tasting and cooking seminars with famous chefs!

Before May is out, a third foodie event called Gastronomy Days [in Greek] will be held at the Benaki Museum, on May 22 to 24. Apart from presenting the products of high quality producers from all over Greece, the events features healthy eating activities for children and the 2nd Athens International Culinary Film Festival.