A plan to combat tax evasion offering a deal inviting the voluntary declaration of undisclosed deposits abroad was announced yesterday (28.04) by Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis after his meeting with Jacques de Watteville, State Secretary in the Swiss Department of Finance, and Greek Minister of State for Combating Corruption Panayiotis Nikoloudis in Athens.

"The Greek government is undertaking a legislative initiative concerning the voluntary declaration by Greek citizens of their deposits abroad in a way that will reflect best European Union practices," Varoufakis stated, adding that the initiative will benefit both countries.

The bill will be tabled in Parliament immediately and will allow anyone who has concealed income from the state to legalize it by paying a 15 to 20% tax, an incentive for all depositors abroad who have not reported it as income to Greek tax authorities.

FinMin: Statement following meeting with Swiss State Secretary (28.04, in Greek)