President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos ruled out the possibility of his country exiting the euro zone in an interview with Spiegel Online at his official residence in Athens, and promised that all the loans made to Greece will be paid back, but he was also critical of past austerity programs. He also supports calls for German reparations payments in connection with Nazi war crimes. "Some of the measures imposed on us go beyond EU law," Pavlopoulos said. "We want to be equal members of Europe," he added.

He feels that international lenders' criticisms of the minimum wage and other labour rights in the country are problematic. "We are not asking for anything more than for the Greek people to enjoy what Germany's Constitutional Court considers as an established social right for the German people," he said. He also claimed that parts of the austerity programmes "were not at all growth friendly, but rather would lead the Greek economy to a recessionary course."