A photographic exhibition, which is very different from others, will be inaugurated tonight (27.04) at the Onassis Cultural Centre. The exhibition features 80 Athenian images captured on camera by 8 men and women who make their living selling Schedia ("life raft") the Athens' street paper - the newest and 122nd member of the Glasgow-based International Network of Street Papers, a family of publications distributed by people from struggling social groups in 40 countries around the world. The photographs are for sale and the proceeds will go in their entirety to their creators.

The idea of the exhibition kicked off in October 2013, when eight Schedia vendors, all homeless, were each given a camera. Their mission was to capture Athens life from their own unique perspective; to record what catches their eye and captures their imagination; to show us the city through their eyes without restraints or limitations. Photojournalist Nikos Pilos undertook to give them some photography lessons and to help them see beyond the lens.