On April 21, 1967, a group of right-wing army officers seized power in a coup d'etat establishing the Greek military junta of 1967-74.

Kostis Kornetis' book, Children of the Dictatorship: Student Resistance, Cultural Politics and the "long 1960s" in Greece traces the dissent and activism of anti-regime students that period, illustrating how they re-appropriated indigenous folk tradition for their progressive purposes and how their transnational exchange molded a particular local protest culture, culminating in the Athens’ polytechnic uprising in 1973. 

The book fills a gap in English-speaking literature on Greece in the 1960s and 1970s. It examines how the students’ social and political practices became a major source of pressure on the dictatorial regime and offers insightful ways of understanding Greek society and politics, as well as the governing party’s, Syriza, ideology and politics.

Kostis Kornetis is Assistant Professor at the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies at New York University.

Sample Chapters: Introduction & Chapter 1: A Changing Society (PDF); Interview: Greek Society Today and Yesterday: Kostis Kornetis