As Greece is trying to overcome the economic crisis, a heated debate has begun among intellectuals on the causes of crisis and the ways out of it. Aristos Doxiadis - a renowned Greek commentator and entrepreneur - argues that the Greek crisis is better explained in its institutional and microeconomic factors that has steadily built state deficit and debt, rather than the 2008-2009 macro developments.

Rebuilding Greek economy would require a creative interaction with the underlying realities of Greek society: the family, the small business, and opportunism. Alexander Kritikos, a Research Director at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), suggests [video] that "research and innovation with state funding" are the key words for a debt-ridden country and a strained entrepreneurship environment.

Given Greece's hidden assets, such as the attractiveness of the country and a number of strong research centers (such as the Demokritos Centre, FORTH and CERTH), Kritikos envisions "a transition to an innovation economy" and proposes an ambitious incentives policy plan to achieve that goal.