A project for building a tourist village from scratch awaits the green light from the State’s Supreme Administrative Court. The investment project called Kilada Hills involves a 500-acre area situated close to Kranidi in Southeast Peloponnese, just a two-hour drive away from Athens and in close proximity to the islands of the Saronic Golf Spetses and Hydra.

If permission is granted, the company Mind Compass Overseas intends to build 320 seafront villas, 100 houses, 28 residential apartments and a 300-bed luxury resort hotel, with views to the sea. The investment plan also includes a golf court, a beach club and a wellness centre. The area to be developed is divided in three separated units, with private properties in between and is situated on a slope between Kranidi, summer home to several prominent celebrities, and Kilada, the Greek word for "valley". The cost of the investment is estimated at approximately €400 million.