The Greek non-governmental organisation Green Project (GP) specialises in what it calls "energy tourism."
Created by volunteer scientists and artists, with the purpose of "forging environmental consciousness through artistic creation," the initiative is supported in large part by the Goulandris Natural History Museum, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, the City of Athens as well as UNESCO.

This project is officially titled "Cape Town to Athens, from the Waterways to the Energy Routes." With Cape Town already in focus as one of the 2010 World Cup venues, the expedition continues in July with a team of approximately 25 Greek architects, photographers, scientists and filmmakers, who will begin a 47-day expedition covering 10 countries, 14,000 km and 31 landmarks of sustainable energy use. They will give 11 educational seminars to local audiences along the way.

The remarkable aspect of this endeavour is that all these people do this alongside their day jobs. This trip follows the group’s 2008 expedition to Asia, "Athens to Beijing, from the Silk Roads to the Energy Roads."

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