The Cyclades island complex in the Aegean is a popular destination for foreign and Greek tourists alike.

Small islands, traditional villages and towns, sandy beaches and lots of … cultural events every summer!
  • Andros Island - Exhibition @ Goulandri Museum
"I mind myself a wanderer in a world rapidly growing smaller" has said the American-Japanese sculptor, Isamu Noguchi whose work is being showcased at the Goulandri Museum of Contemporary Art on Andros island until September 26.

The museum will host 76 artworks, 42 sculptures and 34 sketches, as well as a series of photographs depicting stage scenes designed by Noguchi. The exhibition is being hosted in collaboration with the Noguchi museum in New York.In 2008 Noguchi designed the scenes for the performance "Clytemnestra," which was staged by the Athens Music Hall.
Museum of Contemporary Art: Isamu Noguchi "Between East and West"