• Fava…Ice-cream
The island of Santorini has recently officially received a "Protected Designation of Origin" for its famed fava bean from the EU, which is now designated as "fava Santorinis."

The fava bean has been growing on the volcanic island for more than 3,500 years, according to historical sources, and the local housewives have developed a plethora of ways for cooking it. The most recent addition to Santorini's fava recipes is fava ice-cream. This is an ice-cream like no other, as it is not sweet but salty, and as such is not served as a desert but as an appetizer. And, naturally, it can be found only in Santorini.

Fava ice-cream - created about a month ago by a local restaurateur who wanted to come up with something "extreme" to show the prospects of this local staple product - will be showcased during a culinary event to be held on the island this weekend, titled "From old woman's fava to fava ice-cream" featuring the numerous traditional and imaginative recipes the locals have devised.
  • "An Island of Black Rock"
In Michael Virtanen’s article "Santorini: Cliffs, Beaches and the Sapphire Sea” for the Associated Press (16.6), readers will discover a different aspect of the vacation island, one that accentuates the fact that “this island of black rock owes its unique, dramatic landscape to volcanic eruptions."
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