The Silva Project, Corfu
Sylvia Dimitriades – Steen, a child psychologist and teacher of methodologies for children with special needs at the University of Geneva, founded the Silva Project on the island of Corfu aiming at protecting the endangered Skyrian pony.
Another project being run on the same estate is therapeutic riding for children with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities.As the founder explains that horses have been used for healing since antiquity.
In the last decades, there has been an increase in the development of large therapeutic riding centres in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Canada and the US. "Skyrian ponies," says Dimitriades – Steen "are very companionable animals.
They take very well to training and to forging bonds with people, while because of their small size, they are perfect for children with special needs."

Therapeutic Holidays Centre, Crete
The Therapeutic Holidays Centre (THC) is a pioneering, charitable organization on the island of Crete. It offers holidays combined with an extensive range of healing programmes and activities for people with various disabilities.
For over eighteen years, THC has welcomed visitors from all over the world, regardless of age, offering a variety of therapeutic services.
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