Mobile Business
A conference on "Mobile Business" opened in Athens yesterday, organised by the Athens University of Economics and Business (13-15.6).
The 9th International Conference on Mobile Business and the 9th Global Mobility Roundtable are two prominent, business-focused international conferences, bringing together academics, and practitioners from across the globe in an annual forum to debate ongoing developments and advance scholarship in the field. The theme of the combined conference is "Innovation and Social Transformation through Mobility."

Access Management Int’l Conference
The 1st International Conference on Access Management is being held in Athens on June 14 - 17.
Its aim is to draw together academics and engineers, architects, planners, from around the world.
The conference agenda will cover a broad variety of subfields, including highway planning, engineering, urban and regional planning, site development and data acquisition, and management.

Research Policy
The Andreas Papandreou Institute of Strategic and Development Studies (ISTAME) is holding a conference today titled "Research Policy in Greece."
Deputy Education Minister Yiannis Panaretos will address the event.