In the stretch of sea between the northeast coast of the Peloponnese and the western shore of Attica lie the islands of the Saronic Gulf.
Each of them has its own distinctive character, landscape and architecture but all of them share wonderful beaches, crystal-clear sea waters, hospitable inhabitants, and good tourist infrastructure.
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Angistri & Dokos
Angistri and Dokos are the last islands of the Saronic complex, but not the least beautiful. Scattered at the centre of the Gulf, Agistri (meaning "hook" in Greek) is a small island with lush vegetation, lovely beaches, and sparkling waters.
The ferryboat from Pireus docks at the harbour of Skala, while caiques connecting the island with Aegina (4 nautical miles from Aegina) drop anchor at the two natural ports: Mylos and Megalochori.
Dokos (meaning "beam" in Greek) is a mountainous islet, situated between Hydra and the opposite coast of Ermioni at the Peloponnese, close enough to Spetses.
It counts some 50 permanent residents occupied in stockbreeding and fishing, but it receives many visitors, mainly naturists who want to enjoy free camping at the northern coasts of the island. Near Dokos, has been found the oldest recorded shipwreck worldwide, dated back to 2200 BC.
Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology: Underwater excavation at Dokos; A brief history of underwater archaeology in Greece
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