At the junction of the Ionian with the Aegean Seas, the Greek mainland fades into turquoise waters, and Messinia combines Mediterranean beauty with virgin exoticism.
The road to Kalamata travels through the Messinian plain, ending in its capital, with an abundance of beautiful neoclassical buildings.
Situated in the heart of the Messinian Gulf and at the of the imposing Mt Taygetos, Kalamata serves as the best starting point for a wide range of exursions.
A short drive among green hills joins Kalamata with ancient Messene, one of the best-preserved cities. Koroni, a unique fortress town with narrow alleys, charming squares, and blossoming geraniums reminds one of an island.
On the west coast of Messinia, lies the great fortress of Methoni (photo) with the impressive Sea Gate which leads to the octagonal Bourtzi Tower.
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