Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou on Tuesday commended what he called an "extremely significant agreement" reached by the Eurogroup over the final details of a European support mechanism. Speaking to reporters in Luxembourg after an ECOFIN meeting , the minister said that with this agreement, the eurozone was sending a message to the markets that it would defend the stability of both the single currency and the euro area.
The minister further expressed satisfaction with the positive comments made by the so-called troika - European Central Bank, EU Commission Olli Rehn and IMF - regarding the government’s three-year economic restructuring programme and expressed confidence that Greece would achieve its fiscal goals.
Papaconstantinou further stressed that both the country’s state budget and the plan for structural changes were implemented according to schedule. Finally, he adamantly denied recent rumours over Greece leaving the Eurozone.
In related news, Prime Minister George Papandreou, visiting "Poseidonia 2010" yesterday, rejected "the malicious scenarios that are circulating on the Greek economy," reassuring that the country is on a safe path.
Furthermore, Vassilis Rapanos, Chairman of the Hellenic Bank Association said - following a meeting with Opposition Leader Antonis Samaras - that: "these rumours are completely unjustified, people should not pay any attention."
Greek News Agenda: Posidonia 2010 - A Flagship Event