World Environment Day 2010
World Environment Day (WED), celebrated annually on June 5, is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations raises environmental awareness and enhances political attention and action worldwide.
Under the theme "Many Species. One Planet. One Future” WED 2010 is celebrating the incredible diversity of life on Earth in support of the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity.
This year's global host is Rwanda - a country of exceptional biodiversity that has made huge strides on environmental protection.

Greece Celebrates WED
On this occasion, several local authorities around Greece are holding events, addressed primarily to youngsters in an effort to mobilise them towards the protection of environment and species conservation.
In Thessaloniki a major event is to be held on Aristotelous Square, where the national parks of northern Greece will be presented.
Greek News Agenda: Celebrating the Environment & City of Thessaloniki:

Recycling Cooking Oil
On this occasion, the City of Athens is implementing a new programme for recycling used cooking oils and animal fats.
According to the plan, the municipality, in collaboration with a recycling company, will provide food production units and households with containers for the collection of cooking oils free of charge. When these containers are filled, they will be replaced with new ones and the oils forwarded for recycling.
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