In the stretch of sea between the northeast coast of the Peloponnese and the western shore of Attica lie the islands of the Saronic Gulf.

Each of them has its own distinctive character, landscape and architecture but all of them share wonderful beaches, crystal-clear sea waters, hospitable inhabitants, and good tourist infrastructure.

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In the northern part of the Saronic Gulf and in close proximity (1 nautical mile) to Attica lies the largest island of the complex Salamis (Salamina), home to the mythical hero Ajax.
On account of its strategic position in Athens’ ‘embrace,' Salamis was an ‘apple of discord’ between the Athenians and the Megarians in the historic period.

However, the most important event in the island’s past was the naval battle fought in its straits, between the Greek and the Persian fleet during the Persian Wars (480 BC), in which the invaders suffered an ignominious defeat.
The island’s capital is Salamina or Koulouri. On the south side of the island, there are several seaside villages such as Aianteio or Selinia.

Salamina was also the birthplace of the tragic poet Euripides. The recently excavated Cave of Euripides, at Peristeria, has not only yielded significant findings but is also the place where according to tradition the poet retreated to write his tragedies.