Sarah Lucas@ Cycladic Art Museum
The Museum of Cycladic Art is hosting until September 12 an exhibition of works by British artist Sarah Lucas. Under the title "Sarah Lucas/Nuds Cycladic" the display features new art work from the Nuds series - a self-reflecting series that moves away from the gender-based critique of her work in the 90s taking the earlier figurative 'bunny' sculpture series to a more abstract form.
Bob Dylan live in Athens
Bob Dylan, one of the world’s music legends and one of the most influential figures of the last 50 years, is appearing in Athens with his band on May 29, at Terra Vibe Park, for one concert as part of the "the Never Ending Tour."

Bobby McFerrin @ Megaron
Ten-time Grammy award winner Bobby McFerrin will perform at the Athens Concert Hall on May 31. McFerrin is one of the natural wonders of the musical world, as his voice ranges over four octaves and he is considered the best-known improviser in vocal music.
Jean-Michel Jarre in Athens
Leading composer and performer of electronic music, Jean-Michel Jarre returns to Athens for a single performance at the Faliro Taekwondo Pavilion on June 1.
The concert is part of Jarre's first world tour titled “2010” which pays tribute to his friend the science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke.

Rihanna in Athens

Rihanna will be in Athens for the first time for a concert on June 1 at the Karaiskakis Stadium. In her four-year career, Rihanna has already sold more 12 million records worldwide.