Int’l Conference
Meteorology, Climatology & Atmospheric Physics
The 10th International Conference on "Meteorology, Climatology and of Atmospheric Physics" opens today at the University of Patra.
Running through May 28, the event is organised by the Hellenic Meteorological Society in collaboration with the University of Patra.
Topics on the agenda include air pollution, extreme weather phenomena, climate change, and weather modification.

Why and How to Take Science Directly to People
The British Council, in collaboration with the National Hellenic Research Foundation is organising on May 30 an interactive presentation by science communicator Frank Burnet and leader of the Science Communication Unit on "Why and How to take science directly to people," as part of its "Sunday Mornings" programme of events.
The event seeks to render science more accessible to younger audiences such as university students, young scientists and teachers.

Tower for Women
The Thessaloniki Organization for Women’s Employment and Resources (TOWER) and the Department of Accounting & Finance of the University of Macedonia are co-organizing a half-day conference titled "Women in Business & Entrepreneurship - problems & successes" on May 29.