Prime Minister George Papandreou travelled to Beirut on an official visit (May 19-20).
The premier met with his Lebanese counterpart Saad Harriri and addressed the 18th Arab Business Forum.
Appealing to Arab nations to invest in Greece, Papandreou said that "we invite you all to join us, whether that is visiting Greece, investing in the country directly, or cooperating with us on projects which will secure a better future for the sake of all our countries."
Papandreou suggested the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean Forum which would seek cooperation at an economic and social development level, the benefits of which could spill over beyond the boundaries of the Mediterranean region.
He further noted that Greece explores every option and is willing to turn to every country for support, including the four rapidly developing countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China), as well as the Arab world.
During his visit, Papandreou met with Lebanon’s State Minister and former banker Adnan Kassar, as well as the President of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt
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