"That which already exists is not enough for us. That is our mistake, but it was inevitable," says the poet, novelist and essayist Dimitris Dimitriadis, whose play "The Circle of the Square" is currently being staged at the Odeon Theatre in Paris (May 14- June 12).
The play refers to a form of tragedy which can be compared with Rubik's cube: "fragmented, coloured surfaces keep turning around, pivoting, recomposing into a dizzying number of possible combinations - always forming the same volume. But the difference between a Rubik's cube and Dimitriadis' square is that there is no solution to the latter. [...] Because, according to the Greek poet, a work must continue after it is over. […]"
The Odéon Theatre (Théâtre de l'Odéon), built in the 18th century in Paris, is one of France's six national theatres. In 1990, the theater was renamed Theatre of Europe and is now a member theatre of the Union of the Theatres in Europe.
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