The team of experts from the so-called "troika" (European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank), after completing their monitoring of the progress of the stability programme, said that the latter is "on track on all of the dimensions."
The government is ahead of the deficit reduction target set in the plan for this year and tax hikes are boosting revenues, according to the team.
The government is also making progress on more long-term economic reforms, which can help its future finances, they added.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister George Papandreou, who
All indicators concerning illegal immigration into the European Union were lower in 2009 compared to 2008, according to figures by the EU border agency Frontex, presented at a press briefing held on June 16 in Athens.
As Frontex Deputy Executive Director Gil Arias-Fernandez noted however, 88% of illegal immigrants - almost nine in 10 - who entered the EU in 2009 had come via Greece – this rate was 75% percent in 2008.
Fernandez also confirmed that the first regional Frontex Operations Office will open in Piraeus later this year - with the office opening in July but only launching full
Greece won its first ever game at the World Cup finals in South Africa, yesterday, beating Nigeria by 2-1 and reviving its hopes of qualifying to the next round.
In a pulsating game that had several moments of high drama, Greece came from behind, scoring their first goals at a World Cup.
The win means that a draw or win against Argentina - who are virtually assured of a place in the second round - on June 22, could be enough for Greece to qualify as well.

From June 18 to 27 visitors will be able to relax sun beds and let their imagination take them to the majestic Greek islands, taste delicious recipes and beverages, enter the competitions to win trips to Greece and other prizes.
The event, which promises to be a great family-day out, takes place on the South Bank Riverside walkway by Gabriel’s Wharf.
A ceremony in honour of the Department of Modern Greek Language and Literature of Ankara University was hosted by the Embassy of Greece in Ankara on June 2.
The event was attended by the founder of the Department, Dr.Melek Delilbaşi and the incumbent Chair, Dr.Damla Demirözü, accompanied by the teaching staff and twenty undergraduate students.
The Department of Modern Greek Language and Literature of the University of Ankara was founded in 1990 and counts 80 students. It was established with the purpose to contribute to the promotion of Greek culture in Turkey and advance the Greek-Turkish
Hell.A.S. is the Hellenic cultural group at Stanford University. Its goal is to work as a liaison between Greece and the Stanford academic community.
Recently, a group of Greek students from Greek universities were invited to participate in the "Discover Stanford" programme which operates as a tool to promote the exchange of ideas and academic experience between Greek students and the American university.
The president of the Hellenic association at Stanford greeted the initiative and, given it was the first attempt, he expressed optimism for future academic encounters of this kind.
The Ecofilms International Films and Visual Arts Festival takes place from June 22 to 27, on the island of Rhodes.
The event is organized by the non-profit association Image and Environment and the Rodos Cultural Organisation.
Participating films include documentaries, shorts and features from around the world, with environmental and ecology themes. Prizes are awarded to films for innovative approaches to conservation, for daring proposals in their field and overall artistic quality.

World Refugee Day is on June 20. Since its formation by the United
"We are on the right track, and we continue our tireless efforts for social prosperity," said Prime Minister George Papandreou, arriving yesterday in Brussels to attend the Party of European Socialists (PES) summit.
Speaking to the press, the premier pointed out that the Greek crisis highlighted the weaknesses of the international markets.
"An enhanced supervision system is necessary and is an issue we want to have promoted at the G-20 (Toronto June 26-27)."
Today, the leaders of the 27 European Union country members come together on the strategy of "Europe 2020" . “Public policy must
President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias met on Wednesday with Egypt's President Hosni Moubarak in Sharm El-Sheikh.
The talks lasted approximately three hours and focused on bilateral relations, international developments and especially the Middle East in the light of the situation in the Gaza Strip.
President Papoulias reiterated Greece's friendship and solidarity towards the Arab world and Athens’interest in peace in the region.
Google Earth is a virtual globe programme that shows the earth through images obtained from satellite, aerial photography, and geographic information over a 3D globe.

To prevent the calamities caused by wild fires, such as the ones that ravaged Greece’s forests, the Hellenic Fire Fighting Service signed an agreement of cooperation with the company in order to gain access to real-time fire monitoring.
A task force of 320 men has been trained for the programme which will provide better coordination of the forces deployed on the spot.
Better Safe than Sorry
This year, the Force has increased...