Vangelis Gerovassiliou, owner of the prestigious vineyard Ktima Gerovassilioiu, in Epanomi, in Thessaloniki, has since the establishment of his business in 1981, mainly cultivated indigenous Greek varieties - namely Malagouzia, Limnio, Mavroudi, Mavrotragano and others.

A trained oenologist, Gerovassiliou is behind the revival of the Malagousia variety, in the end of the ‘70s. "When I was at (the Domain) Porto Carras, we worked with Professor of Viticulture Vassilis Logothetis, who collected forgotten and unknown varieties in order to rescue them. From those, we singled out Malagouzia for its quality and strength," he said to Fortune Greece [in Greek].

Gerovassiliou has continued with the cultivation of other Greek varieties that produce red wine; Limnio, Mavrotragano, and Mavroudi. The domain’s label Avaton 2011 (Limnio, Mavroudi and Mavrotragano) has won many distinctions, including a place in the top 100 wines of the world in 2014's list of Wine & Spirits.