The Thrace Group was established in the 1970s in Xanthi, in the Northern region of Thrace, as a company specialising in plastics. Since then, the company expanded its international presence, focusing on technical textiles and packaging solutions, through a network of 11 trading partner companies around the world and a sales network in 80 countries. Half of the Group’s production is manufactured in Greece and 80% of total production is being exported.

The Group highlights the advantages of investing in the technical textile industry, which is a large and fast-growing sector (4% annual growth rate), because it supports an array of other industries (from agriculture to aerospace), simply because it relies on functionality. The Group also promotes the verticalisation of the industry as a business strategy because it helps the manufacturer stand out from a sea of suppliers.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, the Group contributes to the construction works conducted in archaeological excavation projects, such as the works needed at the Amphipolis site atop the Kasta Hill.