A small pink flower, only 5 to 20 cm tall, called Micromeria Acropolitana, is a rare plant missing from the world flora since 1908.
In 2006 scientists traced it at the foot of the Acropolis of Athens, remarking that the flower plays a vital role in the ecosystem of the area surrounding the monument’s rock.
Moreover, it has been found that more than one hundred bird species and fifteen kinds of butterfly have long lived at the Acropolis creating a micro-world barely noticeable to the tourist’s eye, yet important to the area’s biodiversity.
GEO magazine, together with the Greek society for
The 9th African Festival was held on May 15-16 at the residence of the South African ambassador in Athens. More than 6,000 people attended this year’s festival, which was officially opened by Yannis-Alexis Zepos, Foreign Ministry Secretary - General.
As every year, many African countries such as Algeria, Ghana and Uganda presented their culture, cuisine and handicrafts, all to the sound of music and dancing.
One of the biggest attractions was a huge football on which visitors wrote their messages for the 2010 World Cup, which will take place in South Africa next month.
The festival was
In the stretch of sea between the northeast coast of Peloponnese and the western shore of Attica lie the islands of the Saronic Gulf.
Each of them has its own distinctive character, landscape and architecture but all of them share wonderful beaches, crystal-clear sea waters, hospitable inhabitants, and good tourist infrastructure.
Greek News Agenda presents one island every week.
Spetses is the southernmost island of the group and lies at the entrance of the Argolic Gulf. Birthplace of the famous heroine Laskarina Bouboulina, Spetses played a key role during the Greek War of
President and CEO of China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO) Wei Jiafu, who is currently on a four-day visit in Athens, met yesterday with President of the Hellenic Republic Karolos Papoulias and Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping Minister Louka Katseli.
"We discussed the development of Piraeus into a global service centre," Katseli said after meeting with Wei.

"The harbour is more than piers. This is about customer service, logistics, a trade hub, and Cosco is very interested in these services," she added.
On his part, Wei said that Cosco’s three partners in the CKYH Alliance will make
Int'l Radio in Athens
One may tune in to Athens International Radio 104.4 FM (A.I.R.) for news updates now in 16 languages, catering to the city’s biggest immigrant communities, with local news, traffic and weather reports, as well as ideas on where to go and what to see in Athens.
One may also keep track of what's happening in Athens and around the world with international news programmes from the BBC World Service, Radio France Internationale, Deutsche Welle, and Chinese Radio International.
Locally produced shows are broadcast Monday to Friday, in English, Russian, Albanian, German,
"That which already exists is not enough for us. That is our mistake, but it was inevitable," says the poet, novelist and essayist Dimitris Dimitriadis, whose play "The Circle of the Square" is currently being staged at the Odeon Theatre in Paris (May 14- June 12).
The play refers to a form of tragedy which can be compared with Rubik's cube: "fragmented, coloured surfaces keep turning around, pivoting, recomposing into a dizzying number of possible combinations - always forming the same volume. But the difference between a Rubik's cube and Dimitriadis' square is that there is no
Every year, the European Union and Europa Nostra give awards to the best cultural heritage achievements which range from restored monuments to urban rehabilitation, research and education projects.
This year, out of 140 participants, 2 Greek restoration projects made it into the 16 finalists (Category 1- Conservation).
The first winner is The National Observatory of Athens, where restoration work turned it into a geo-astrophysics Museum, preserving the original equipment and a historic library including volumes which date back the 18th century.
The second prize-winning project is the
Museum of Cycladic Art
The Museum of Cycladic Art is hosting an exhibition of works by acclaimed artist, Louise Bourgeois from May 12 through September 12.
The focus of the exhibition is the display of the so-called Personages, sculptures which have Surrealist origins and are totem-like in appearance.
Byzantine & Modern Art
The Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens presents an exhibition featuring 50 works by the leading artists of the first half of the 20th century, many of which are being shown for the first time. The exhibit runs through June 12.
[Photo: Louise Bourgeois in 1990
Addressing the EU-Latin America and Caribbean (EU-LAC) Summit taking place in Madrid yesterday, Prime Minister George Papandreou spoke of the need to prevent and tackling financial crises with "new tools" capable of achieving macroeconomic and fiscal consolidation.
Referring to the IMF's role, Papandreou said its agenda could expand but its core function will remain unchanged, namely, dealing with the balancing debts and deficits.
He also noted that "green development" could be part of a solution to the European crisis, considering that it could create new jobs, while he also referred to
Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou was in Brussels on May 17- 18 to participate in an ECOFIN Council meeting on the strengthening of economic policy coordination in the EU area and the general principles which must shape the strategies for overcoming the crisis.
Papacostantinou briefed his counterparts on the implementation of a series of legislative measures devised to reduce the country’s fiscal deficit involving the curtailment of wages and pensions in the public sector and the increase of the VAT rate that has led to a budget deficit reduction of 41,8%.
He confirmed that Greece