IT - Telecommunications
The 17th Infocom World Conference 2015takes place today (Nov 24), in Athens. The conference is organized by Smart Press and this year’s theme is "Digital Reboot - Act and Disrupt", analyzing the latest IT and telecommunications market efforts to find its step through the radical restructure of its technological, investing, operational and strategic orientation.
Alongside the 17th InfoCom World, an Exhibition of Digital Technology will also take place, as well as more than 20 high-level training workshops led by well-known instructors, aiming to enrich the attendees’ knowledge on the latest trends in Telecommunications, Informatics, Data Security, Strategy, Social Media, Crisis management, Marketing and Content Management.
Culture - Shadow Theatre
The international scientific conference "Greek Shadow Theatre - Intangible Cultural Heritage", organized by theCentre of Byzantine, Modern Greek and Cypriot Studies, will take place in Athens November 27-29.
The conference, held under the auspices of the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO and dedicated to Walter Puchner, is a part of the project Archive/Data Base of the Greek Shadow Theatre, which is supported by the Stavros Niarhos Foundation and the World in Harmony Foundation.
The conference aims to shed light on ways of disseminating and promoting shadow theatre throughout history, to advance knowledge to a wider audience its history, social context and complexities, as well as to gather further information and scientific support for the recognition by UNESCO of the Greek Shadow Theatre as Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Tourism - Hotels
The 3rd edition of the 100% Hotel Show, organized by Demand, will be held at theMEC Paiania exhibition centre, on the eastern outskirts of Athens, November 27 -30. In addition to the fields of construction and decoration, the fair will focus on services, innovation and the online era of the Global Tourism industry.
The main goal of 100% Hotel Show is not only to inform hoteliers about new trends, but to also provide them with the necessary solutions about the important issues of online presence, distribution, sales growth and the competitive development of a hotel product.
Moreover, Design Awards & GTP Island events and various educationalworkshops will be held in parallel with the show, aiming to showcase new ideas, directions and key areas of concern for hoteliers.