The non-profit cultural organization CHEAPART celebrates its 20th anniversary, and is presenting two major exhibitions  accompanied by lectures and discussions on the current role of the artist in Europe, as well as the work of art on the European art market. 

The events, which are both exhibition and art market events, are organized by CHEAPARTKünstlerhaus and Christian Rupp, and will be held in two European capitals: Vienna (ARTmART, November 18 to 22) and Athens (CheapArt 21, December 11 to 21), with the participation of 250 artists from all over Europe showcasing more than 2500 artworks to thousands of visitors.

The ARTmART, in the context of Vienna Art week, is a rare example of a cultural exchange project, with large numbers of Greek artists invited to present their work on an international level.The project aims to create the conditions in which both emerging and well-established artists, as well as curators, art theorists and public meet and develop a cross cultural dialogue that involves understanding artwork, and familiarizing the public with contemporary art and artists, focusing especially on the young art scene.