An “Excavation Museum” at the Acropolis Museum

Marking its 15th anniversary, the Acropolis Museum introduced its “Excavation Museum”. This pioneering space on the southern excavation site features 1,150 artifacts from over 4,500 years of history.

The exhibits, organized thematically and chronologically, uniquely highlight aspects of daily life in an ancient neighborhood: household organization, the activities of men, women, and children, entertainment, communication, trade, workspaces, and places of worship.

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“Classical Studies in Athens”: the first graduates of the four-year undergraduate program taught in English and dedicated to the study of Greek antiquity

The first graduation ceremony of the “BA in the Archaeology, History and Literature of Ancient Greece (BAAG)” program, the first foreign-language undergraduate program in Greece taught entirely in English, took place on Friday, June 21, 2024 at the main building of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.

The class of 2024, the students who came to Greece from many parts of the world in 2020, have now completed a broad program in classical studies, focusing on archaeology, history, and the literature of Ancient Greece. In addition to the eight semesters of full-time study they completed at the Athens School of Philosophy, the students of the Class of 2024 participated in field trips and on-site classes at archaeological sites and museums throughout the country, as well as an educational archaeological excavation.

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All of Greece One Culture 2024

“All of Greece One Culture“, a successful initiative by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and one of the country’s most important cultural institutions, returns this summer for its fifth edition, breathing new life into the unique setting of archaeological sites, monuments and museums in every corner of Greece. The diverse and ambitious program of events and activities for 2024, with the concept of “Conflict” as its central theme, will offer an unforgettable experience in ancient theaters, Byzantine museums, castles, forts, monasteries, churches, mosques, mansions and prehistoric settlements.

For two full months, from July 1 to August 31, 2024 a program consisting of 70 new high-quality productions to be presented at 68 archaeological sites, monuments and museums in 12 regions of Greece.

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Accompanying the Olympic Flame to France

The sailing vessel Pytheas, with captain George Kesses as its sole crew member, followed the Olympic Flame to Marseille. During the journey, it carried the message of world peace and brotherhood to all the stopovers in Southern Italy, Sicily, Corsica and Southern France, where Hellenism has left a historical legacy through its seafaring heritage. George Kesses met with the Greek communities in Rigio, Naples, Bonifacio, Marseille, Nice, Carghese and Messina. He reaffirmed the strong ties between Piraeus and Marseille with the symbolic presentation of the flag of the Municipality of Piraeus to the Deputy Mayor of France’s largest port, Michèle Rubirola.

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Volunteer team embellishes the neighborhoods and villages of Rhodes

For about two years now, residents and visitors to the island of Rhodes have been seeing impressive paintings popping up in previously overlooked spots in the island’s neighbourhoods, adding colour and vibrance to the urban landscape; they are the work of a group started in June 2022, when two locals of the island, driven to brighten up their neighbourhood for their children, began to put their own touches on the OTE’s telephone cabinets. The group grew to about 10 people now, the paintings multiplied, commissions from schools and residents increased, and their interventions spread throughout the island.

Sometimes inspired by Rhodian ceramic art, sometimes by Greek mythology and history and the landmarks of Rhodes, and other times just to “tell” a story in their own way, they make sure that each piece fits the spot where it will be located, in which they even choose materials that can withstand the passage of time and weather.

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