Worldwide events for the International Greek Language Day 09.02.2024

More than 70 diplomatic and consular authorities of Greece abroad have planned and are carrying out more than 100 events to celebrate the International Greek Language Day.

Lectures, student competitions, recitations of Greek poetry, granting of Greek language certificates, film screenings, theatrical and musical performances, presentations of Greek literary works, conferences, photography exhibitions are just a few of the events that have already taken place or are expected to take place in the coming period. Many of these events have taken place in cooperation with Chairs of Hellenic Studies of major Universities of the world, Greek Language Departments, Greek-speaking schools, Greek communities and communities, as well as Cultural Centers.

The International Greek Language Day highlights the universal character of the Greek language, while encouraging young people of the Diaspora, as well as foreign speakers, to come into contact with our language and become valuable allies in its ongoing development.

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Monumental adventures at the Greek UNESCO sites

Get to know the Greek monuments of world renown, which have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List through the website “Monumental adventures at the Greek UNESCO monuments” Take a virtual tour of the monuments and archaeological sites, test your knowledge and browse original digital publications that shed light on different aspects of Greek culture.

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Record year 2023 for clean energy in Greece

In 2023, the production of clean electricity in Greece reached a historic high, as 57% of the energy supply mix was covered by Renewable Energy Sources – wind and solar – and hydroelectric plants. The rapid growth of RES in our country in recent years is also reflected in the annual production of green energy, which set a 10-year record. August 2023 was the month with the highest monthly production from RES in the history of the power system.

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“Bronze” medal worldwide for Athens Stock Exchange in January 2024

Athens Stock Exchange topped the global ranking of stock markets in January 2024. The General Price Index ranked third with a gain of 5.74%, after the Turkish BIST 100 (+13.74%) and the Nikkei (+8.43%). The outlook for the new year, according to analysts, is promising for the Greek Stock Exchange, as it is fuelled by positive estimates for the country’s GDP, the sizes of the Listed Companies, and the prospect of the Greek stock market’s return to the developed markets.

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