Greek News Agenda is an English-speaking platform of the Secretariat General for Public Diplomacy and Greeks Abroad of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, offering news, interviews and insight on the country’s political, economic and cultural dynamics. Greek News Agenda aspires to inform the international public about developments in the country, provide factual input to analysts and journalists, showcase viewpoints on debates in and about Greece, and highlight the country’s comparative advantages; our overall aim is to foster a more rounded understanding of modern Greece in a constantly changing international environment.

Greek News Agenda’s content is divided into two main categories, feature articles and interviews. The feature articles are organized by the following topics: Business and Innovation focuses on technologies developed in Greece, Greek industries and investment opportunities, Education and Research highlights Greek research centers as well as English-speaking bachelor’s and master’s degrees offered in Greek Universities, Arts in Greece presents renowned Greek artists, exhibitions and festivals taking place in Greece, Policy and Analysis presents government policies, think tank reports and international conferences, Destinations features places of archaeological, historical and tourist interest, while Culture and Society covers a wide variety of themes,  from Greek language and Greek traditions to accessible beaches and events around Athens.

A big part of the Greek News Agenda platform are interviews: Reading Greece features interviews with Greek writers and other stakeholders of the Greek book market; Rethinking Greece hosts interviews with historians, neo-Hellenists, international relations experts and other academics on Greece’s past, present and future; Creative Greece introduces us to contemporary Greek artists, from sculptors and musicians to curators and instrument makers; Innovative Greece presents initiatives, research projects and start-ups launched by  Greeks excelling in their fields; Filming Greece interviews Greek filmmakers, producers and other stakeholders in Greece’s developing film industry; finally Government and Policy features interviews with politicians, ministers and ambassadors. A special series of interviews is Study in Greece, republished from the eponymous education portal and featuring interviews with Greek University professors on undergraduate and postgraduate programs aimed at international students.

All views expressed by the interviewees are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Secretariat General for Public Diplomacy and Greeks Abroad or of the Greek government. 

We welcome questions or comments, suggestions and ideas sent to us via our e-mail address: greeknewsagenda @

The Greek News Agenda Editors are:

  • Dora Trogadi
  • Ioulia Livaditi
  • Athina Rossoglou
  • Nefeli Mosaidou
  • Magda Hatzopoulos (Language Editor)

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