Shortly after Greece introduced equal marriage for all, the city of Thessaloniki has the honor of hosting EuroPride 2024 Thessaloniki, Europe’s most important annual event for LGBTI+ visibility and inclusion. On June 21-29, tens of thousands of LGBTI+ people from all corners of Europe will gather in Thessaloniki to celebrate diversity and claim equality across the continent and around the world; visitors are expectated to reach 50,000 people.

EuroPride is Europe’s most significant LGBTI+ event and has taken place since 1992, licensed by the European Pride Organisers Association. This is the first EuroPride in Greece and only the second time it has taken place in south Eastern Europe.

Under the motto “Persevere, Progress, Prosper” Thessaloniki aims to inspire all people to show determination against the challenges they face, accelerating progress and creating a prosperous future in an inclusive society. After all, the positive outcome of perseverance and constant fights is obvious in the way the Greek society has evolved over the past few decades, something that is more and more reflected in the country’s legal system as well.

credit Alexandros Parotidis

Hosted in Thessaloniki, one of the most vibrant and colorful cities in Greece, EuroPride will celebrate equality with various events not only throughout the week of June 21-29 but also on the days before and after. The events are scheduled to be held in several locations around the city center, with the main venues being the seaside promenade, the Xarchakos Park, the cultural space of the city port and Aristotelous Square.

The program will have a strong artistic element, in partnership with the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, the National Theatre of Northern Greece and the organizers of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival. It will include 4 concert days on the main stage, featuring Greek and international singers, including popular Eurovision stars. The EuroPride Conference, held in cooperation with national and European institutions, will combine input by academics, activists and decision-makers from all across Europe.

The program includes:

  • an opening concert by the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra
  • the Human Rights Conference, on 26-28 June, at the Olympion in Aristotelous Square
  • 4 concert days on the main stage at the waterfront promenade, on 26-29 June
  • the EuroPride Fair, on 26-29 June, with info kiosks by participating organisations, companies and public bodies at Xarchakos Park, YMCA Sq.
  • film screenings and art exhibitions throughout the festival on Pier 1, the cultural space of the city port
  • theatre and dance performances
  • culinary experiences
  • queer-themed walking tours and boat tours
  • sports events
  • interactive street games
  • parties in several nightlife hotspots around the city
credit Giorgos Alexakis

Thessaloniki’s reputation as a culinary destination will be also reflected in the visitors’ experience in EuroPride 2024 – let’s not forget that Thessaloniki was the first Greek city to join the UNESCO’s Network of Gastronomy in 2021. The festivities will reach their peak on the final day, June 29th with the EuroPride Parade in the historical center including the waterfront with the White Tower, illuminated in rainbow colours. Parallel events will be organized by various Greek and European partners, addressed to all tastes, ages, interests, etc.

The city of Thessaloniki and all local stakeholders in and around are joining forces to prepare an original, exciting, safe and inclusive celebration for all citizens and visitors. For more information the upcoming EuroPride 2024, please visit In order to plan your visit, please visit