The Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (EATA) plans and implements development and promotion projects to improve the city’s image as an ideal destination for visitors, professionals and investors.

Through its programs, the company focuses on promoting innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship, placing a special emphasis on the tourism and culture sectors, the smart and sustainable management of Athens’ urban environment, and the promotion of social cohesion and inclusion.

An important field of activity of EATA is its work as a DMO (Destination Management Organization) to promote Athens as a tourist and business destination. In this context, it develops dynamic tools, innovative actions and alliance strategies with the private sector. Examples include the “This is Athens” city guide, the This is Athens-Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Athens Film Office, and the This is Athens & Partners partnership.

This is Athens digital guide

The digital guide This is Athens is designed according to the international standards of web and mobile environment. It targets the city’s visitors and also urban tourism professionals, improving visitor service and providing information on multiple thematic sections.

The site’s content is presented in three different languages (English, German, and French), it covers an array of themes (gastronomy, sightseeing, travel planning), with articles and tips for the city of Athens.

This is Athens-Convention & Visitors Bureau

The aim of the This is Athens-Convention & Visitors Bureau is to implement all of EATA’s projects which are related to convention tourism. Since its establishment in 2008, it has highlighted the potential of Athens as a destination for leisure, urban tourism (city breaks), conferences and corporate meetings. Its activities enhance the existing tourism infrastructure, and it promotes the city’s competitive identity to the international market.

Athens Film Office

The Athens Film Office (AFO) was established in 2020 by the Municipality of Athens with the aim of attracting international productions to the Greek capital, promoting it as a film-friendly destination. Following the example of major European cities and taking into account the dynamic development of the audiovisual media industry in the country in recent years, the Athens Film Office aspires to showcase Athens as an ideal filming location for international cinema and television productions, and also for commercial advertising productions, by facilitating with the necessary procedures and offering incentives to attract producers. The office has already assisted with the filming of numerous international film productions in Athens.

This is Athens & Partners

In the context of the strategic development and promotion of Athens as a destination for international markets, the Municipality of Athens, through EATA, collaborates with private entities, helping to stimulate economic activity and create new jobs in the city. In November 2016, This is Athens & Partners was created as a partnership between the Municipality of Athens, AEGEAN Airlines and the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. Subsequently, the partnership was expanded with the participation of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE) and other major tourism organizations such as Lamda Development, TEMES Group and Lampsa Hellenic Hotels.

The cooperation focuses on three main axes:

– Destination development with investments and public space redevelopment actions with the participation of residents and professionals of the city

– Destination management by coordinating actions to create a comprehensive visitor experience.

– Destination promotion with the aim of highlighting Athens’ identity in international markets.

Tourism Development

In addition to partnerships with private sector entities, EATA supports the strategic and investment priorities of the Municipality of Athens by securing financial resources through European programs. The purpose of the programs is to strengthen the economy with projects related to the development of Athens through the redevelopment of the public space and its services for residents and visitors, and the international promotion of the city as a year-round destination.

EATA’s priorities include strengthening business activities in Athens, with the aim of stimulating local markets, but also promoting the city as an international investment destination. At the same time, the company develops projects and programs with the aim of addressing phenomena of social exclusion and ensuring social cohesion.

N.M. (Translated from an original article in Punto Grecia; source images: EATA/This is Athens)