Greece is a place where there is plenty of sun, sea, excellent food, hospitable people and very high quality tourist services. If you haven’t visited it yet, you have certainly thought of doing so. But why don’t you take more advantage of it? Learn the language prior to arriving there. Get to know the place and the culture and when you arrive just practice with the locals.

Glossopolis promises to help you do that bringing a new kind of tourism to the market: Linguistic Tourism! Founded in 2013, Glossopolis is a Greek language e-learning platform that helps you communicate in all the possible situations you may need to speak Greek in Greece.The courses offered show all the cultural aspects and way of living in Greece and are accompanied with plenty of exercises and cultural resources. Thus, you dive into the culture and get to know the real life while you learn from the comfort of your home at any time you wish. You learn Greek in a fun and relaxing way in your own time and in an affordable and personalized way.

The main philosophy of Glossopolis is that the best way to learn a new language is to visit the country where it is spoken and talk with the locals, so it aims to help visitors access a series of local businesses and speak Greek with the well trained personnel. When they get there and speak the language, there is a reward for their effort: a 15-30% discount for the services of the businesses they have visited!

How does it do that? When you sign in the platform you watch a map of a language city -‘’Glossopolis” in Greek – and you just click on the places you wish to communicate in (hotels, taxis, restaurants, bars, etc). This gives immediate access to all the educational content teaching how to communicate (text, audios, grammar exercises, videos, cultural and linguistic tips) but there is also access to geolocated ads of local business Glossopolis cooperates with.Visit any of the featured businesses, show your Glossopolis voucher and practice your skills by speaking Greek to the staff; you will then be entitled to receive a discount on the relevant services. So, not only do you learn, but you also save money during your stay, and you boost the Greek economy.

Named the success story of May 2016 at the European Commission’s portal of Small Businesses, Glossopolis has been growing in both staff and revenue, attracting travelers from 118 different counties while hoping to expand to France and Spain. “’Speak Greek and get discounts on local businesses’ is the new trend we bring into the travel market”, explains Athina Pitta, Founder of Glossopolis, adding that “our biggest advantage is that we help create a win-win situation for all. Travelers learn the basics of a language through our platform, they know the best places to visit, and they get discounts so they save money during their trips while they have a gamified experience! Greek local businesses have a new customer channel and are supported by our service… The idea is supporting Greek local businesses while allowing for amazing travel experiences together”. 

Glossopolis offers the possibility to live the language, learn the meaning behind the words and experience the life as locals do. Let your linguistic trip begin!