In the course of the last decades, Greece has become an outstanding wedding destination for couples from around the world and the Greek wedding industry amongst the most burgeoning and robust sectors of the Greek tourism industry. Couples seeking the ideal setting for their big day seem to have identified it in the authenticity of numerous picture perfect local settings in Greece.

Photo: Courtesy of Olga Tzimou

According to a survey that revealed Top end Emerging Destinations for Weddings, a common trend depicted was the appearance of European locations as either top or emerging destinations, with Italy, Greece, Spain and France featuring regularly.
Moreover, Greece was recently proposed as third-best tourist destination in the world for newlyweds according to British website 101 Honeymoons. Maldives came first and the Caribbean second. It is quite obvious that the potential of the market is huge, considering that the number of weddings that take place in remote destinations grows by 10% each year.

02tzimou rhodes

Photo: Wedding in Rhodes, Courtesy of Olga Tzimou

The wedding industry is composed of a variety of sub-group service establishments, including wedding invitations, catering, jewelers, event transportation, event photography and videography, wedding planning services, formal wedding attire, wedding venues, beach parties and boat trips, banquet/reception locations and more. The services offered respect the variety of types and traditions are involved in wedding ceremonies among ethnic groups, countries and cultures, as well as consumer preferences.  

The wedding industry has not only brought in revenue but has also helped extend the tourism season thanks to the high quality of wedding services offered for all kinds of ceremonies (church or registry weddings, civil ceremonies, vow exchanges, and wedding vow renewals).

As a result, the demand for wedding services has significantly risen and competition is often high within this industry. Some businesses offer more than one wedding service in order to generate increased revenue, while others specialize in one sector of the wedding industry and focus on supremely efficient and effective in that unique area.

tzimou wedding beach

Photo: Courtesy of Olga Tzimou

Popular wedding destinations in Greece

Most couples choose to exchange their vows in Greece due to the indescribably beautiful scenery: gorgeous crimson sunsets and whitewashed houses perched above the deep blue Aegean Sea create the most romantic environment imaginable. Greece offers an almost limitless number of choices ranging from less-frequented spots to more polished environments. 
Santorini in the Cyclades has always been an absolute favourite for overseas couples who want to celebrate in a wonderful setting. The island offers its own comprehensive wedding industry directory: exquisite beach sites, luxurious hotels, boutique guest houses, rural churches and breathtaking views over a volcano make Santorini one of the most sought after wedding and honeymoon locations in Greece. Mykonos is bustling and cosmopolitan. Sifnos offers a host of things to do to relax, while Folegandros has somehow managed to escape the effects of mass tourism.

visitgreece castlesingreece wedding

Photos depicting Monemvasia Castle and Bourtzi (Nafplio)

Couples who want to tie the knot also choose Greek castles such as the castle town of Monemvasia, carved into a huge rock on a compact island that connects to the mainland by a bridge, Nafplio’s three fortresses (Akronafplia, Palamidi and Bourtzi), Rethymno with its dreamy city atmosphere and its awe-inspiring medieval churches, Lindos which encapsulates the essence of Rhodes, i.e. a surprisingly felicitous blend of ancient and medieval, and Parga where the Castle is a great exponent of Venetian architecture. A destination of its own is Corfu: the old city has a beauty not to be found anywhere else in the world!

In Amorgos newlyweds can welcome the opportunity to perform a wedding ceremony in the traditional Cycladic way: walk all the way to the church through the narrow streets of the village escorted by a procession at the head of which there are people playing traditional instruments (violin or the lyre) and singing traditional wedding songs!

003last tzimou sifnos wedding

Photo: Wedding in Sifnos Courtesy of Olga Tzimou

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