In a Press Release issued on May 8th by the Hellenic Statistical Authority, the total value of exports-dispatches for the 3-month period from January to March 2017 amounted to 6,879.5 million euros (7,348.8 million dollars), compared with 5,719.2 million euros (6,324.6 million dollars) for the corresponding period of 2016, recording an increase in value of 20.3%. This variation, with the exclusion of oil products, marks an increase of 283.6 million euros or 6.4%, whilst the exclusion of oil products and ships marks an increase of 261.0 million euros or 5.9%.


Recent data published by the Panhellenic Exporters Association (PES) and the Exports Research Centre  confirm that the Greek exports map is changing in terms of market destinations and exported products in the first quarter of 2017. According to these data, Italy continues to be the biggest client for ‘Made in Greece’ products, Germany and Cyprus following in second and third place, as in the previous quarter. Turkey ranks fourth (from fifth last year) and Lebanon ranks fifth (from tenth last year). Lebanon’s rise in ranking is due to increased exports of oil products (with the additional increase in the price of oil) and products destined for neighbouring countries such as Syria, which is in a state of war.

In the first quarter of 2017, the top 5 export products of Greece were oil products, medicines, aluminium plates, confidential products (i.e. technology products, patent-protected products) and olive oil. For the first time, products such as response turbines (35th), passenger ships (36th), hard wheat (44th), copper scrap, women’s clothes (77th) and ice creams (85th place) appeared on the list of the 100 top exported products from Greece. Among the countries that appear for the first time in the 100 main markets for Greek products are the Falkland Islands (73rd) and Curacao (96th). These reclassifications could send an optimistic message about the Greek export trade and its potential, according to Kathimerini daily.

About the Exports Research Centre

Founded and funded by the Panhellenic Exports Association in 1980, the Exports Research Centre (KEEM) is a scientific organization that monitors the progress of exports per product and per country. The Centre also highlights weaknesses, problems and new developments in export activity, contributing to the development of policies to address such issues.

KEEM carries out research on general and specific export issues, publishing announcements on export performance as well as research and studies on important export issues. The Centre is also in a position to carry out research and studies commissioned by third parties.


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