The 10th annual London Greek Film Festival 2017 is taking place from 14 to 20 May at Theatro Technis, Camden Town, LondonThe programme of screenings includes 12 feature fiction films, 31 short fiction films, 32 documentaries, 18 video art and experimental films. With particular emphasis on the modern philosophy of independent cinema, these films present the creativity of Greece via contemporary Greek cinema from all over the world.

The London Greek Film Festival aims to be an international meeting point for Greek films from around the world and a crossroads between East and West for Greek filmmaking, introducing modern Greek film to an international audience. The 10th London Greek Film Festival, independent, creative and optimistic as ever, fosters a challenge for directors, producers, screen writers, moving image artists and actors, of Greek or non Greek origin, from around the world, to showcase their work.

The festival features, among others, Mirage by Abdolreza Kohanrouz (UK Premiere), The longest run by Marianna Economou (UK Premiere), Dan Georgakas – a Diaspora Rebel by Kostas Vakkas (UK Premiere), Silent witness by Dimitris Koutsiabasakos (UK Premiere), Days of the lake by Pandora Mouriki, and Epsilon by Antonis Morgan Konstantoudakis. 


On Saturday 20 May, Theatro Technis will host the “Odysseus Awards” ceremony, during which the best films by category will be announced, as voted by the jury. Awards will also be presented to best actors, screenwriters and filmmakers. There is also a special screenplay contest section.

Founder and artistic director of the festival is the Film/Theatre Director and Writer, Christos Prosylis also founder of Cosmocinema and Cosmotheatre theatre research group.

The festival’s venue, Theatro Technis (in Greek: Art Theatre) is based in an old church school house and has been established in 1957 by Cypriot George Eugeniou. It is a premier fringe theatre in central London and host to a range of plays, greek mythology, musicals, dance and new alternative writings, also strongly engaging with the local community.