Athens Music Week is a weeklong music marathon aiming to “celebrate cultural and creative diversity” and turn Athens into a showcase for the Greek contemporary music scene. Athens Music Week (AMW)’s main goal is to promote music as a tool for local development and allow stakeholders of the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) to discover and share innovative practices, boosting creativity and entrepreneurship.

Through its four complementary sections, “Athens Music Convention”, “Music Innovation Hub”, “Music and the City” and “Athens Music Walk”, AMW’s programme will focus on themes such as marketing, communication, promotion of artists abroad, event organisation, music production, digital media and platforms, intellectual property management, discography, safety, booking, management, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Promoting knowledge exchange, common experimentation and intercultural sharing, AMW aims to develop bridges between different countries professionals and to connect educational & vocational training needs of music professionals & aspiring talents, in order to meet current market needs and future challenges.

As a whole, the AMW’sprogramme includes various happenings and activities including discussions with artists, presentations of music projects, special events, music showcases, festivals and many concerts. Thanks to Athens location on a geographical and cultural crossroads, AMW envisions to connect Eastern & Western European music markets with those of the Middle East and beyond.

Athens Music Week collaborates and is supported by everal international partners from around Europe. It is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism of the Hellenic Republic, the Greek National Tourism Organisation (VisitGreece) and the Region of Attica.

Music and the City

Aimed at the broader public and music lovers from Greece and abroad, “Music and the City” is a festival connecting music with arts, cultural heritage, urban and folk culture and creative economy. Held in 20 locations across Athens, featuring round-tables, discussions, educational activities, exhibitions, lectures, and live concerts, it invites participants to discover Athens’ cultural and night life. The festival takes place on 17-23/6/2019.

AthensMusic2Athens Music Convention

As a showcase festival and a music meeting, the “Music Convention” focuses on creating bridges between local, national & international artists and music professionals. Hosted at the Technopolis City of Athens on 19-20/6/2019, the event will feature international panel discussions, workshops, networking activities and b2b meetings together with vocational & educational training activities.

Music Innovation Hub

The “Innovation Hub” forms part of the “Music Convention”, specially dedicated to artistic innovation, music entrepreneurship and service providing. It will take place on 19-20/6/2019 at INNOVATHENS , and will feature coaching & mentoring sessions and international workshops.

Powered by Samsung and organised in collaboration with JUMP, the first European Music Market Accelerator, the events aim at connecting music with other sectors of CCI such as new media, gaming and technology, addressing the challenges of the digital era and promoting sustainable collaborations between professionals of the music scene and industry with other related sectors.

Some of the events featured at the are the “Music Convention” and “Innovation Hub” are workshops like “Rights-management and Monetisation on YouTube | How to increase your revenues on YouTube”, “Digital marketing in live music: ticketing and events” and “The Rise of Video | How to make most out of YouTube”, panels like “What is the link between western and eastern music genres and idioms” and “Music as a tool for local development, Panel: Do you know your market audience? Content is king but targeting is a must”, and many Meet and Greet sessions with entities and personalities such as the Institute for Sound & Music (ISM) and Faniak – The first AI band manager.

Athens Music Walk

“Athens Music Walk” is addressed at music lovers, artists and music professionals from Greece and abroad, featuring a variety of recitals, acoustic and amplified concerts and live sessions. Organised in more than 30 locations across the city, including music venues, archaeological sites, amphitheatres but also public spaces and parks of Athens, visitors will have many opportunities to discover local artists.

Spanning from experimental electronica to pop and from jazz to contemporary classical, the showcase programme steps on the European Music Day events to offer a multi-genre line-up of around 100 artists, bands and orchestras from Greece. The events will take place on 21-23/6/2019.

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