Postal voting

After having passed a bill that allowed Diaspora Greeks to vote from their place of residence in 2019, and a second one in 2023, relaxing voting requirements, the Greek government is taking another important step by introducing the postal vote in the European elections. Every expatriate who is registered in the special lists will be able to vote without having to travel, while citizens within Greece for whom physical presence at the polls is not easy will now be able to participate in the electoral process.

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Upgrading the Greek economy

The upgrade of the Greek economy by Fitch confirms Greece’s elevation to investment grade status from a credit rating perspective. Fitch is the third rating agency -out of the four recognized by the ECB- to classify Greek bonds as investment grade in recent months, which confirms the progress of the Greek economy and the even more positive prospects that are opening up.

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GR-Eco Islands: Poros, the next green island

After Astypalea and Chalki, Poros is the next island to join the GR-ECO Islands initiative, a programme to transform Greek islands into models of green economy, energy self-reliance, digital innovation and eco-mobility. Poros will meet the energy needs of residents and businesses, maritime and road transport with clean energy from locally installed Renewable Energy Sources.

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1st place in Europe & 4th in the world for the Greek delegation at the 2023 World Robot Olympiad

The Greek delegation was ranked 1st in Europe and 4th in the world among 451 teams from 90 countries in the finals of the World Robot Olympiad 2023, which took place in Panama (November 7-9, 2023), under the theme “Connecting the world”. The teams of the Greek delegation won 2 bronze medals, as well as 2 distinctions in fourth and eighth place in one of the most important international robotics competitions. For the last 4 years, Greece has been the 3rd power in the world and the 1st power in Europe in the Robotics Olympiad.

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