Study in Greece has launched e-Academia, a new e-learning platform, dedicated to the promotion of the Greek culture, which aims to function as a cultural and educational bridge between Greece and the world; the platform’s operation kicks off with the introduction of online Greek language courses.

In accordance with the current situation, which has placed additional emphasis on the need for e-learning tools, Study in Greece has collaborated with The Study Rooms, a team of people with extensive experience and expertise in education and lifelong learning, to provide an easy and practical way to learn Greek online.


There are courses available for the levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced learner. Greek Courses for Certification prepare participants for Greek language certification exams, providing them with basic linguistic skills that will allow them to communicate in everyday life situations by covering the grammar and structure of each level through short, fast-paced learning circles; they cover all levels of language competency (A1-A2, B1-B2, C1-C2) as they are defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

You can also choose the Discover Greek courses, which are addressed to those who want to acquire a more general a grasp of the language, making it easier to communicate and enjoy their visit or vacation in Greece, as well as use it in the tourism industry. At the end of this programme, participants are expected to be able to understand basic phrases and use everyday expressions, talk in a simple way and exchange information about themselves and their basic needs, etc.

All courses are based on contemporary and offer you the opportunity to delve into the rich world of Greek vocabulary and grammar. Among others, the platform of e-Academia also aspires to provide Greeks of the Diaspora with a wonderful opportunity to stay connected to their roots and heritage.

Apart from language learning, other types of courses are also due to be made available on the platform within the following months, on subjects such as Greek history, civilisation and more.

Study in Greece

Study in Greece (SiG) is a non-profit organisation, fully endorsed by the Greek state, consisting of members of the Greek academic community, faculty and students. One of its central purposes is to promote academic programmes in Greece, aiding, guiding and supporting international students who wish to undertake all or part of their studies in the country. Creating an educational and cultural bridge between Greece and other countries, SiG members aim to establish Greece as an international destination for education and research.

Part of SiG’s core mission is function as a “one-stop shop” for studies in Greece: provide information on studying and living in Greece, promote and support educational activities and opportunities addressed to students from abroad, promote and organise educational programmes and activities in cooperation with Greek public universities as well as organise and implement study abroad and exchange programmes, connecting Greek and international educational institutions, academics and researchers. The organisation has also recently issued its 2019-2020 Study Abroad catalogue for international students in a short-term study programme in a Greek university or educational institution, together with Greek students.

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