This summer a special treat awaits young and established professionals and students of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Design: a very special week in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, from July 3 to 10. Focusing on ‘Public Space, Tourism and One Planet’, ECOWEEK 2016 is a week of sustainable design, green building and envisioning for ecological interventions and proposals for the city of Agios Nikolaos; it is a one-week international conference and sustainable design workshops, providing opportunities for empowerment and leadership and enabling networking for future professional opportunities.

ECOWEEK is a non-profit non-governmental organization with a mission to raise environmental awareness and to promote the principles of sustainability through design. Established in Greece in 2005 and named as “one of the best programmes for students in Europe”, it is active in 15 countries, organizing international conference and sustainable design workshops in cities around the world, bringing together professionals and students of Architecture, Design, Landscape Architecture, and Environmental Engineering.

The aim of the ECOWEEK 2016 workshops is to develop new ideas for the revitalization of parts of the city. Award-winning Canadian designer Chris Doray will join the workshops focusing on the re-design of the city’s waterfront promenade and facades. Mr Doray anticipates an intervention that could become an exemplary ‘land-art generator’ acting as sustainable infrastructure that would utilize wind, solar and other technologies for renewable energy. While embracing this idea, he wishes to raise social awareness that art, technology and built-environment can harmoniously reside side by side and work collectively in delivering clean and renewable energy to local communities.


Among the projects undertaken in Agios Nikolaos are: interventions in parks (such as City Hall Park) to be led by the Orizzontale team from Italy; interventions in schools (environmentally responsive facades) and hands-on interventions with light structures, with the participation of students, parents and teachers, will be undertaken by the EUZEN Architecture team from Thessaloniki and landscape architect GaliaHanoch Roe from Israel respectively.

Workshops will be supported with lectures by experts from Greece and abroad – Canada, Italy, England, Israel and Turkey. Also taking place are ecological film screenings, presentations and exhibition of sustainable design proposals, visits to ecological buildings, beach cleaning and more. The programme is full and diverse and is open not only to students and young professionals, but to the general public as well.