Greece’s largest telecommunications providerOTE is to play a key role in the development of a network providing internet connection on flights over Europe.
British satellite companyInmarsat has chosen the centre of satellite communications inNemea, in the Peloponnese, to install the terrestrial satellite station of the European Aviation Network (EAN), a service that will offer high-speed in-flight connectivity for Europe. EAN will combine the satellite technology of the new Inmarsat satellite with a new PanEuropean ground broadband network using LTE technology
Following an agreement with OTE that was announced last Monday (Nov 2), the Satellite Access Station (SAS) will be set up in the Peloponnesian area of Nemea. Once the project has been completed, aircrafts will be able to switch automatically between satellite and terrestrial connectivity using an onboard network communicator for optimal service delivery. As a result, airlines will be able to offer reliable, high-speed onboard internet access to passengers across Europe’s high-traffic flight paths, utilizing Inmarsat’s 30MHz S-band spectrum allocation in all 28 EU member states